About the Event

Since its inception in 2010, The Sydney Chocolate Ball has delighted thousands of members of the Sydney business community while also attracting a number of national and international guests who eagerly fly in each year for this glamourous sold out event.

Featuring an abundance of Lindt chocolate paired with Moet Hennessy -  Australian’s elite champagne, the night is emceed by celebrity landscaper Jamie Durie OAM and includes a decadent three course chocolate inspired menu by award winning chef Luke Mangan OAM.

The Sydney Chocolate Ball is a three tiered event; as the pre function space transforms into an event within an event, with a Moet & Chandon Champagne Bar, Beauty Bar and Cocktail Bar. As the night progresses the entertainment from the main ballroom continues to flow out into this space. The event finishes with an official after party, making this ball a serious night out and giving guests excellent value for money and opportunities to enjoy themselves and entertain guests.

With over 630 attendees, this chocoholic black-tie gala welcomes sponsors from an array of industries including high-profile personalities, prominent Australian companies and local celebrities, generating a key networking environment for both guests and sponsors.

Through a range of world-class entertainment, emotive guest speakers, incredible “money can’t buy experiences” and active fundraising initiatives, the Sydney Chocolate Ball is an event that individuals and companies have been eager to support year after year through a wide range of attractive sponsorship options.

With your support, we aim to exceed the success of the 2019 gala dinner, which raised over $1.2 million enabling life-changing medical research into the debilitating disease, FSHD.

The Cause

The FSHD Global Research Foundation focuses on finding treatments and a cure for FSHD. In doing so, we fund world class medical research, awareness and education. We are also committed to complete transparency and accountability in our operations.


The Foundation was established in 2007 by Bill Moss AO, a well known Australian businessman and philanthropist  who lives with FSHD. Since then, we have been addressing the chronic lack of medical funding and awareness of FSHD, both in Australia and globally.


Since 2007, the Foundation has committed over $10 million to fund 49 ongoing medical research grants in 10 countries; the USA, Canada, the Netherlands, Israel, Italy, France, Belgium, Spain, New Zealand and Australia.


FSHD Global does not operate like your average not for profit. We proudly allocate 100% of cash tax deductible donations we receive to current and future medical research grants. The Foundations operations are supported by non-tax deductible sponsorships.


This pure charity model offers great transparency and accountability to our mission. Proud of our innovative structure, we offer all donors via the ‘FSHD – Find the Cure’ APP the opportunity to track exactly which research programs their money has been allocated to, with updates on the latest milestones of those programs.


With no government support, the main sources of our funding for FSHD research are individuals afflicted by FSHD, their friends supporters, as well as corporate sponsors. All funds donated are invested through careful consideration, guided by our Scientific Advisory Boards, Board of Directors and International Research Committees, ensuring FSHD Global remains a leader in discovering world’s best science.


Funds raised at the Sydney Chocolate Ball provide vital funding to continue, and build upon the world-class research already done, as we move closer to a cure. Through our passion, purpose and drive, FSHD Global has created a powerful voice for FSHD, giving great hope to over 1 million suffers and their families that real and tangible progress is being made as we strive for a cure or treatment for FSHD.

Our Patrons 

Jamie Durie OAM

International award winning designer & author Jamie Durie OAM started his design practice in 1998. Since then he & his team at Durie Design have received over 33 international design awards with his latest design accolade for his furniture design. Jamie splits his time between design studios in Sydney and Los Angeles, and has worked on many Hotels, Resorts and commercial projects over the last 20 years spanning 17 countries.


Jamie has supported the Foundation from its establishment in 2007 and has played a significant role hosting the Sydney Chocolate Ball every single year. Jamie is a proud Patron of the FSHD Global Research Foundation.

Luke Mangan OAM

Luke Mangan is a leading Australian restaurateur and chef, whose influence on the food and wine industry can been found across five countries, 17 different restaurants as well in the air on Virgin Australia Business Class and at sea, on board five P&O cruise ships.

Luk has supported the Foundation from its establishment in 2007 and has played a significant role in designing an exclusive chocolate inspired menu for the Sydney Chocolate Ball
every single year. Luke is a proud Patron of the FSHD Global Research Foundation.

In its truest sense, the FSHD Global Research Foundation is a small organisation doing some very big things!

What is FSHD?

Facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy (FSHD) is a highly complex and progressive muscle wasting disease causing weakening and loss of skeletal muscles. FSHD is one of the most common forms of muscular dystrophy in adults and children. Often referred to as a ‘slow death’ disease, it is aggressive and does not discriminate, affecting young and old from all ethnic groups. There is no treatment. There is no cure.

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